Charity & Community


Charity donations please!

We are going to be giving away 2% of proceeds from mint to chosen Cat Charities!

If you mint one of our cats, Congratulations, you make it into the team of holders that can suggest and vote on potential recipients!

This also means, with the proceeds of minting all our cats, we have approx. $50,000 for Cat Charities!!

I Love Cats - Tell me about your Community

Glad you asked! We are MAJOR Cat fans - we have a whole cat chat channel in our discord dedicated to just pics of our cats

We also have a place for chatting, making friends and getting involved:

😸|kittycatchat :arrowright: is our main chat area

😽|cat-advice :arrowright: is a place to share stories and ask others about cats

🔥|Kitty Cat Cafe :arrowright: Is where you can meet up with others and chat about CATS!


Safe Community

Within the crypto space and specifically within the NFT market there are hundreds of drops each week across Ethereum, Polygon & Solana to name a few networks. 

A couple of the negative aspects of the market we have found include Scammers trying to get access to your wallet and to your crypto currency or NFTs

It is important that you NEVER share your seed phrase or passwords with anyone. Also be very careful of people contacting you to say they are someone they are not. We will never DM you unless we agree with you before hand. 

In addition, alot of large "10000" art drops are playins some pretty shoddy games with the audience - for example, buying twitter followers or discord community members to build hype and make it look like their project is buzzing. Unfortunatly, the only people who make money from these drops are the project founders and some very quick flippers. It is not a great place to be. 

We are proud to stand strong and build an organic community of members who love cats, love our NFTs and want to be part of what we are trying to achieve with the metaverse and related technology. This means that things grow slower for us but its all real and never fake.