So tell me about the Art!


Our Art

CATFISH & Naive!

Some rare headbands and funny meme phrases



Different expression & Prop traits


Meow Hands Up!

Eyes, mouths and Poses to fall in love with


Brown Tabby Cat

All Gorgeous photo real fur which you can zoom in on


Fur Artist

Massimo Righi, who has been recognized as the most prolific and accomplished CG animal creator in the world, is the lead artist for the Kitty Cats.

He is an award-winning 3D professional with nearly 15 years of experience using digital media. Massimo is currently involved in various projects in the film and game industries Massimo did the modelling, fur and rendering of the cats.

The quality of the fur is so incredible, you can zoom in and gaze into those kitty eyes to fall in love 😀


Traits & Layouts

Fred Becerra the Blender Guru, created all the cat accessories. Fred is a graphic designer and CG artist who has over a decade of experience creating virtual content for Second Life.

Carrie Tatsu is the Kitty Cat founder and created the generative art memes and layout for each cat. Carrie has been a content creator in the original Metaverse - Second Life. She has 15 years experience managing teams of 3D modelers, animators and software developers creating multi-faceted immersive content for a virtual world.